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The last stop on the road to France and the doorstep to the Val d’Abondance, Morgins is a vital link between the Swiss and French territories of the Portes du Soleil. Home to long, scenic ski runs though piney forests and the Rando Parc, the region’s official ski touring and cross country skiing training ground, Morgins offers a relaxed snowsports vibe in ruggedly alpine surroundings. A 2.6 km long cross-country ski trail between Lake Morgins and the customs office.

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Snow report

  • Depth of snow
    • n/a
  • Snow condition
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  • Last snowfall
    • 08.01.2024


Key Value List
Depth of snow in resort at 1350 metres
Depth of snow on upper runs at 1850 metres
Last snowfall in resort 08.01.2024
Last snowfall in ski area 08.01.2024
New snow in resort (past 24h)
New snow in ski area (past 24h)
Comments from the station crew:

Cross-country skiing

0/1.3 km open
  • Cross-country classic
    • 0/1.3 km
    • Conditions end of season
  • Cross-country– skating
    • 0/1.3 km
    • Conditions end of season
  • Trail temperature
    • Current

Piste du lac de Morgins

Key Value List
Altitude of cross-country runs 1360-1430 m (altitude)
Cross-country ski trail floodlit today until
Floodlit cross-country trails (km open / total) 0/0.0 km
Cross-country trails, dogs permitted (open / total) 0/0.0 km
Tel. for cross-country ski info +41 (0)24 477 23 61
  • Piste du Lac de Morgins (0.0 km)
    Type: Classic & Skating
    Conditions: end of season
    0.0/1.3 km open

Opening hours

Key Value List
Start of season: 23.12.2023
End of season: 31.03.2024


Key Value List
Cable car / funicular T +41 (0)24 479 02 00
Cross-country skiing: T +41 (0)24 477 23 61
Tourist office  T +41 (0)24 477 23 61



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Young person:

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  • 0/1.3 km
  • end of season
Last update: 30.03.2024, 12:19

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