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​The Videmanette ski area offers a memorable skiing experience and the longest ski descent in the region with a distance of 7.5 kilometres! From the summit to the valley, skiers challenge a significant difference in altitude of 1,160 m. The sections marked in red and blue allow less experienced skiers to take up the challenge. In addition, it is possible to reach the Gstaad ski area, which offers an infinite number of possibilities to switch from one piste to another.​

Weather forecast

Winter sports report

Snow report Rougemont

  • Depth of snow
    • n/a
  • Snow condition
    • no info
  • Last snowfall
    • 17.03.2021
Key Value List
Depth of snow in resort at 1000 metres
Depth of snow on upper runs
Last snowfall in resort 17.03.2021
Last snowfall in ski area 17.03.2021
New snow in resort (past 24h) 0 cm
New snow in ski area (past 24h) 0 cm
Comments from the station crew:
The ski installations are open subject to acceptable weather conditions.

Piste La Videmanette

  • Pistes open (open today/total)
    • 0/27 km
  • Lifts open
    • 0/3
  • Slope condition
    • no info
    • 0/1 Runs down to resort (open/total)
Key Value List
Runs down to resort (open today / total) 0/1
Runs down to (altitude) 1350 m (altitude)
Condition of runs down to resort good
Surface area of pistes
Number of local pistes 8
Pistes covered by lift pass (regional) 220 km
Number of lifts in ski area
Runs floodlit today until 00:00 hr
Length of floodlit runs 0 km

Cross-country skiing Piste éclairée du château

Key Value List
Altitude of cross-country runs 1050 2840 m (altitude)
Cross-country ski trail floodlit today until 00:00 hr
Floodlit cross-country trails (km open / total) 0/0 km
Cross-country trails, dogs permitted (open / total) 0/0 km
Tel. for cross-country ski info

Winter hiking Rougemont

Key Value List
Winter walking paths from (altitude) 1000 m (altitude)
Number of snow shoe trails open today 0
Conditions/events on the trails No notification

Opening hours

Key Value List
Installations open from 09:00 hr
Installations open until 16:30 hr
Start of season: 18.12.2021
End of season: 13.03.2022


Key Value List
Cable car / funicular T +41 (0) 33 748 87 33
Tourist office  T +41 (0)26 925 11 62


Tickets (Dynamic prices!)

Key Value List
Adult: from 49.- CHF
Young person: from 40.- CHF
Children: from 28.- CHF
Seniors from 45.- CHF

7 Day pass (Dynamic prices!)

Key Value List
Adult: from 310.- CHF
Young person: from 249.- CHF
Children: from 171.- CHF
Seniors from 286.- CHF

Season pass

Key Value List
Adult: 666.- CHF
Young person: 499.- CHF
Children: 333.- CHF
Seniors 666.- CHF

Family day passes and family-friendly ski pass

Families benefit from a discount when buying 3 or more tickets at the same time (including 1 or 2 adults/seniors).

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Last update: 24.10.2021, 05:06

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