• 190 cm
    • 40 cm in resort
    • 2/8
    • open


​Airolo-Pesciüm is a Ski resort, located between 1175 and 2250 m, overlooking the “San Gottardo” that offers 30 km of ski slopes. Easily accessible, only 200 m from Airolo motorway exit. It is about. 90' by car from Milan, 45' by car from Lugano, 30' by car from Bellinzona and 90' by car from Zurich. Airolo is perfect for all winter sports lovers: beginners, intermediate, experienced skiers and families. The offer is unique and varied: there are three types of slopes and trails suitable for snowshoeing and a BigAir, a huge blow-up mattress (225 m2) where you can safely ground after a ski or snowboard jump. Come and enjoy the ski slopes where past champions like Doris De Agostini and Michela Figini and recently, Lara Gut, Deborah Scanzio, Marco Tadè and the coach Mauro Pini. Besides the Airolo-Pesciüm lift, there are the small ski lifts of Lüina near the village, as well as Cioss Prato in the Bedretto Valley.​

Weather forecast

Winter sports report

Snow report Airolo

  • Depth of snow
    • 190 cm
    • 40 cm in resort
  • Snow condition
    • hard
  • Last snowfall
    • 06.03.2020
Key Value List
Depth of snow in resort at 1175 metres 40 cm
Depth of snow on upper runs at 1755 metres 190 cm
Last snowfall in resort 06.03.2020
Last snowfall in ski area 06.03.2020
New snow in resort (past 24h) 0 cm
New snow in ski area (past 24h) 20 cm

Comments from the station crew:

Piste Airolo-Pesciüm

  • Pistes open (open today/total)
    • 0/30 km
  • Lifts open
    • 2/8
  • Slope condition
    • good
    • 0/2 Runs down to resort (open/total)
Key Value List
Runs down to resort (open today / total) 0/2
Runs down to (altitude) 1175 m (altitude)
Condition of runs down to resort good
Surface area of pistes 0.30 km²
Number of local pistes 9
Pistes covered by lift pass (regional)
Number of lifts in ski area
Runs floodlit today until 00:00 hr
Length of floodlit runs 0 km

Comments from the station crew:


Snow Park Snowpark Cassinello

Key Value List
Snow Park condition end of season
Snow park floodlighting
Snowboard facilities floodlit today until 00:00
Tel. for fun park info

Winter hiking Sentiero Airolo–Pesciüm

  • Winter walking paths open
    • 0/8 km
  • Snowshoe trails open
    • 0/8 km
Key Value List
Winter walking paths from (altitude) 1745 m (altitude)
Number of snow shoe trails open today 0
Conditions/events on the trails Good

Comments from the station crew:

Winter trail Airolo-Pesciüm new on the official platform of Schweiz Mobil. Look for the trail nr. 453 on www.schweizmobil.ch

Opening hours

Key Value List
Installations open from 08:30 hr
Installations open until 16:30 hr
Start of season: 12.12.2020
End of season: 11.04.2021


Key Value List
Cable car / funicular T +41 (0)91 873 80 40
Tourist office  T +41 (0)91 869 15 33


Tickets (Dynamic prices!)

Key Value List
Adult: from 27.- CHF
Young person: from 21.- CHF
Children: from 16.- CHF
Seniors from 24.- CHF

Season pass

Key Value List
Adult: 520.- CHF
Young person: 480.- CHF
Children: 320.- CHF
Seniors 480.- CHF
  • Family discount:

Family day passes and family-friendly ski pass

Family 1 adult/2 child min. or 2 adults 1 child min. 10% discount on total price

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Weather forecast for today

Snow report

  • 190 cm
  • 40 cm in resort
  • hard


  • 2/8
  • open
Last update: 28.10.2020, 04:05

All information is the responsibility of local partners; weather data supplied by SRF Meteo.

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