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Snow report Villarlod

  • Depth of snow
    • n/a
  • Snow condition
    • no info
  • Last snowfall
    • 08.02.2017
Key Value List
Depth of snow in resort 810 미터
Depth of snow on upper runs 900 미터
Last snowfall in resort 08.02.2017
Last snowfall in ski area 08.02.2017
New snow in resort (past 24h)
New snow in ski area (past 24h)

Comments from the station crew:

Piste Mont Gibloux - Villarlod

  • Pistes open (km)
    • n/a
  • 리프트 개방
    • n/a
  • Condition of runs
    • no info
Key Value List
Runs down to (altitude)
Condition of runs down to resort no info
슬로프 표면 0.15 km²
슬로프개수 3
Pistes covered by lift pass (regional)
스키 지역의 리프트 개수
Runs floodlit today until
Length of floodlit runs

Winter hiking Mont Gibloux - Villarlod

  • Winter walking paths open
    • n/a
  • Snowshoe trails open
    • n/a
Key Value List
Winter walking paths from (altitude)
금일 개방된 겨울 산책로 수 2
Conditions/events on the trails No notification

운영 시간

Key Value List
Start of season: 13.12.2019
End of season: 15.03.2020


Key Value List
Cable car / funicular T +41 (0)76 408 24 14
Tourist office  T +41 (0)76 408 24 14



Key Value List
성인 18.- CHF
Young person: 15.- CHF
Child: 12.- CHF

Season pass

Key Value List
성인 180.- CHF
Young person: 150.- CHF
Child: 120.- CHF

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Téléskis Mont - Gibloux
Fribourg Region
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Snow report

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